The Recipe for Cookies Peanut Butter with Oatmeal

It is difficult to beat the deliciously nutty taste of cookies with peanut butter. Since it is so delicious, perhaps you might want to make your own. When you know how to prepare your own cookies for your own peanut butter diet then certainly you don’t have to rush to the nearest shop each time you are craving for some. Preparing your own cookies is a great option because you will be the one controlling all the ingredients. Instead of using confectioner sugar, you can use healthy sweeteners such as honey and brown sugar.

This kind of cookies with oatmeal is one of the simple recipes to follow. You will need:

  • Two cups of oatmeal
  • One cup of all-purpose flour, the same goes with low calorie peanut butter and brown sugar
  • One teaspoon of baking powder, the same goes with soda bicarbonate and salt
  • Three-quarter of a cup of margarine
  • Half a cup of white sugar
  • Two eggs
  • Two teaspoonfuls of vanilla extract or vanilla beans

The process of making it with oatmeal is simple. You need to combine the oatmeal, all-purpose flour, baking powder and soda as well as salt in a mixing bowl. In a separate bowl, you need to beat the butter with the margarine until it becomes fluffy. Then, put in white and brown sugar before mixing it well.

The next step in the making is to crack in the eggs and vanilla extract into the sugar mixture. Then, combine the flour and sugar mixture together to form dough. Shape the dough so that it forms into small balls measuring around one inch in diameter. If the dough is too mushy you need to chill it for about an hour so that it would be easier to handle.

Heat the oven and arrange the butter balls onto a greased baking pan with a two-inch distance from one to another. Then, press the dough balls with a fork before putting it with oatmeal in the oven to bake for about ten minutes at 370°F.

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