Jessica Simpson – The Real Acne Story

I’m sure you’ve seen the ProActiv commercials featuring Jessica Simpson.

Before she started getting paid a lot of money to advertise ProActiv she said that Accutane cured her acne problems. Accutane is a prescription only anti Acne medication that is considered to be the strongest form of anti acne medication.

Of course now she gives all the credit to ProActiv. I will let you draw your own conclusion as to why she gives the credit to ProActiv now when previously she gave the credit to Accutane.

You really should never trust a celebrity endorsement. Remember that they are being PAID to say these things.

Think about your own experiences with topical acne medications. What do they really do?

The real way to stop acne conglobata is with internal medication whether it be prescription Accutane or B5 Vitamins (my recommendation is of course for B5 Vitamins.)

The reasons why I would use B5 Vitamins instead of Accutane are as following:

1. cost: Accutane is far more expensive than B5 Vitamins which can be purchased online without a prescription from Vilantae. for much lower cost. Vilantae includes a B complex vitamin along with the B5 vitamin for the best possible acne fighting solution.

2. side effects: Accutane has well documented side effects and a lot of them. Accutane is usually only prescribed for very bad cases of acne because of these side effects. B5 Vitamins on the other hand have almost no negative side effects. B5 Vitamins may cause a slight upset stomach if taken on an empty stomach but even these rather slight discomforts become less of a problem as you continue taking B5 Vitamins.

3. positive “side effects” B5 Vitamins are not only great for fighting acne they also improve mental clarity and energy levels. Certainly the FDA won’t say this – but it’s definitly true from my own experience and from the personal experience of many others.

On top of all of this Vilantae offers more than just a money back guarantee. Not only will they give you your money back if B5 doesn’t work for you. They will actually give you your money back PLUS $50! That’s how confident they are that it will work.

I know B5 vitamins work because I used them myself for my acne conglobata and that’s why I’ve started this site. I’m tired of people throwing their money away on heavily promoted mostly worthless topical acne products when I know that the real way to stop acne is with B5 Vitamins.

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