Cell Transplantation Helpful in Treating Vitiligo (White Spots on Skin)

The medical science and the researches done so far say that the skin transplant surgery treats the skin disease ‘vitiligo’ much successfully and safely. Vitiligo is a skin disorder that causes white patches on the skin. This disease, as per the researches, happens in 1 in 200 people in America.

For this condition (skin disorder), light therapies and skin medications appear to be the common treatments among the patients. The late King of Pop Michael Jackson too went under the light therapy treatment, as Michael was the victim of this disease called vitiligo. It is also said that these treatments sometime rather always do not work.

The latest study, which was done at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, reveals that the doctors followed 23 patients for six months time after they went under the surgery procedure. The surgery procedure involves transplantation of the skin cells from one part of the patient to another.

The patients of vitiligo, as per the study, recovered approximately 52 percent of their missing natural skin color in the areas which were treated and eight patients suffering a particular type of the disease (vitiligo) recovered average 74 percent.

The senior author Dr. Iltefat Hamzavi, who is a senior staff physician as well, told, “Patients of color and those with vitiligo on one side of the body and in one area of the body may benefit most from this procedure.”

The procedural time of the surgery lasted between 30 minutes and 2 hours. The patients, after the surgery, were easily able to go home by following day.

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