Bladder Infection Symptoms

Bladder infection is a disorder in the passage of urine that constitutes most of the back and the lower abdomen pain that one may feel. The burning sensation when you pee is only the start of what is bound to be a painful experience for you if not treated properly.

The most common name that this infection has among doctors is UTI or urinary tract infection. Others would call it cystitis. Since women have a shorter passageway towards their tract (making it more likely for germs and bacteria to come in), they are mostly the victims of UTI. Naturally, you will have a hard time peeing once you have it. But in some cases, this symptom is also present in other ailments. To be sure that you really have this dreaded condition, you have to first get an idea on the most common bladder infection symptoms.

Prolonged Pains in Certain Regions

The pains that you feel not only reside within the body, but also after you urinate. As mentioned earlier, bladder infection can be traced through the pains that you feel on the lower parts of your body. It can also be felt at the genitals itself. The urinary tract will naturally feel some of the sensations and you might have the urge to prolong the excretion.

Urges to Pee Regularly

This is the reason why you should not keep it in if you know you have the condition. Bladder infection symptoms can also be seen in how frequently you pee. People with UTI most commonly will feel the urge to pee often, and this can be quite frustrating on your part. Naturally, it’s because you won’t get to finish anything immediately. Another example of symptoms is Nocturnia. It is that certain urge to pee more than two times at night before and even while you sleep.

The Urine Itself

Another example of the symptoms can be seen in how your urine looks like. A normal urine would be clear, most usually having a tinge of light yellow. But that of someone who has UTI would have urine that has a darker tinge and has a rancid strong smell unto it, signs that bacteria is present. This condition of having foul-smelling urine is called Pyuria. Sometimes, the urine might also have some blood in it.

If you’re Still Unsure, Look at your Lifestyle

The best way to be sure about these symptoms is by looking at what you do on a daily basis, or if you have any kind of disease. People with very active sex lives are more likely to contract all of the said bladder infection symptoms since their genitals might be contracting some very harsh bacteria as a consequence of their lifestyle. People with diabetes are also most likely to experience these symptoms.

Before anything gets worse, it’s better that you consult a doctor so that you can be sure. This is a curable condition, just as long as you do your part in getting rid of it.

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